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    1. Bearing Brand

      Back in 1912, SKF entered the Chinese, in Shanghai established the first offices in China in 1916 set up the first sales company. SKF 1986, came back to China, in Shanghai, a consignment station. 1988, SKF China Ltd was established in Hong Kong and in Shanghai, Shanghai, Guangzhou ..

      FAG Group in Germany, founded in 1883, is the world's first bearing manufacturer. At present a total of 18,000 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than 6 billion euros ...
      Membership with the Schaeffler Group's INA Bearing Company in Germany, established in 1946, is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany. Germany INA Bearing Company since its inception, been committed to product innovation to meet customer needs, and provide quality assurance, making it the world's premier supplier of bearings ...
      IKO Japan Thomson is a registered trademark, is a technology and technological development-oriented industrial parts manufacturer, needle bearings and rail products to the main bearings, IKO company produced high-quality brand-name products have become the representative of Achieved through a global marketing network for users with convenient and efficient service commitment ...
      Koyo (Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1921, is a research-based Japanese company manufacturing integrated function, with 6557 employees. Koyo Seiko Co., Ltd. of Japan for Japan KOYO SEIKO one of the four bearings manufacturing group in order to have the world's top production and control equipment ...
      NTN Corporation, founded in Japan in 1918 and headquartered in Osaka City West, in Japan there are 11 production and 25 sales offices and 3 Institute; in a foreign country has 20 wholly-owned manufacturing plants, two research institutes and 48 Sales offices ...
      RHP Bearings is the world's leading bearing brands, three of the most famous British manufacturer of bearings, even though it was in the previous acquisition of NSK bearings, but the client still has a strong bearing on RHP's brand awareness. RHP bearing deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings and lubrication-free bearing areas enjoy a high reputation. RHP Bearings UK leading products are: RHP bearings, RHP bearing deep groove ball bearings, RHP bearing precision bearings, RHP bearing self-aligning bearings, RHP Bearings with Bearings, RHP Bearings flat ball bearings, RHP bearing cylindrical roller bearings.
      United Kingdom Cooper (COOPER bearings) Group was established in 1894, since 1907, invented the world's first completely separate set of bearings (Split bearings), the Cooper has been the separation of the world's first bearing (Split Bearing) professional Manufacturers, market share and technology in advanced far ahead. In recent years, undergone a major capital investment, the Cooper has a prompt delivery, real-time response to customer-focused enterprise with strong competitive edge.
      NSK (NSK Ltd.) was established in 1916, is Japan's first manufacturer of bearing design and production. For decades, NSK has developed countless new bearings, to meet the needs of users around the world, and for industrial development and technological progress have made a great contribution. Review membership also NSK precision machining in the ...
      In 1895, Timken, founder of Henry. Mr. Timken axle invented a time using the conical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings that is, (Topered Roller Bearings). Hundred years, Timken tapered roller bearings to focus on production and development
      NACHI Fujio Corporation from its inception in 1928, the company has been consistently committed to the development of mechanical technology. Now the company has grown into a comprehensive mechanical and electrical manufacturer, for a wide range of industrial equipment and components provide the basis ..

      THK's "linear motion system " leap in improving the working machinery, industrial automatic equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other advanced equipment, high precision mechanical and electrical integration, effort, high-speed and other mechanical properties, and do their commercial Out of a landmark contribution. THK with unique mechanical components, including equipment LM Guide, Ball Spline, Ball Screw and rod ball, world-renowned. THK linear motion products are widely used in machine tools, machining centers, automobile, rubber, packaging, industrial robots, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, medical devices and other types of electronically controlled machines.



      IJK Inoue Bearing Co., Ltd. from 1938 to the beginning as a professional bearing manufacturers to produce standard series and non-standard series bearings. IJK (Inoue Jikuuke Kogyo) Co., Ltd. was established in 1944, so far has been 60 years of history, specifically dedicated to research and development series bearings. The products with high technological content, is widely used in modern high-tech equipment to produce high quality products to meet the requirements.



      NMB bearings company founded in 1951, headquartered in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. NMB Group's business scope has bearings, electronic components, machinery parts, transmission parts and special parts and so on. NMB's main product is miniature bearing, small bearings, small precision motors, fan motors and other varieties of 2000 kinds of bearings, is the world's largest bearing manufacturing micro and small enterprises.

      Since the company first produced in Japan in 1950, PILLOW BLOCK (with the Rolling Block), the world has grown to support the industrial development of the professional manufacturers of rolling bearings with a seat. Production facilities with advanced technology used in all FYH unique self-aligning bearing production line, from processing to implement fully automated quality inspection. The company bearing tolerances than the final more stringent specifications of the Japanese industrial products, FYH bearing the trademark in the demanding high-speed rotation, and other places to use

      ASAHI Asahi Seiko Co., Ltd. was established in 1928, initially producing bearings. In 1951, the first company to begin production in Japan with Bearing manufacturers, is currently the Japanese professional LNSERTED bearing manufacturer. Since then, as a pioneer, the company is committed to its base bearing the standardization and quality standards. In 1975, the company began manufacturing other new products, such as linear motion products. In the industrial sector, ASAHI bearing has now become a trusted brand

      Brand recommendation

      Tel:+86-21-68395548  58980148

      All rights reserved ? Shanghai Xiaoru Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd E-mail:info@shxr.com.cn http://www.mylubdub.com 技術支持:中國域網

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